UAE backs 'early' UN peace talks to end Yemen conflict

UAE backs 'early' UN peace talks to end Yemen conflict
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The United Arab Emirates on Wednesday backed the "early convening" of planned United Nations peace talks about the conflict in Yemen.

Anwar Gargash, UAE's foreign minister, wrote on Twitter that "we welcome early convening of UN-led talks in Sweden."

"At UNSC meeting on Friday, Coalition will urge all parties to take advantage of window of opportunity to restart political process. We look forward to hosting [UN special envoy] Martin Griffiths this week in Abu Dhabi." 

The UAE, along with Saudi Arabia, is leading the Arab-coalition of troops in the war against Houthi rebels in Yemen.


The UN said it planned to reconvene peace talks in Sweden by the end of the year. The last attempt in Geneva collapsed when the Houthi delegation failed to arrive.

The United States has assisted the coalition forces, but recently announced plans to end in-air refueling of their planes, which had been the most concrete form of support for the war.