Iranian state TV: 'Rioters' shot and killed in multiple cities

Iranian state TV: 'Rioters' shot and killed in multiple cities
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Iranian state TV on Tuesday reported that security forces in that nation have killed people it described as "rioters" as the country continues to face mass protests.

Amnesty International says more than 200 people have been killed.


A state TV report claimed that some people who were killed were “rioters who have attacked sensitive or military centers with firearms or knives or have taken hostages in some areas,” according to The Associated Press.

It reportedly described others who died as passers-by, security forces and peaceful protesters. 

The state TV report also said that security forces encountered a group that had "semi-heavy weapons” in the city of Mahshahr. 

The city's police chief, Col. Reza Papi, was quoted as saying that the armed forces "foiled" the plans of hostile groups that "were hiding and shooting at the police."

According to the AP, state television also said that security forces confronted “rioters” in the cities of Tehran, Shiraz and Sirjan. 

Amnesty International is reporting that 208 people have been killed in the demonstrations, which began last month in response to increased gas prices. The group has also said that the actual death toll "is likely to be higher."

Iran's Judiciary spokesman Gholamhossein Esmaili denied that this many people were killed, but did not offer evidence or casualty information, according to the AP. 

“I bluntly say that numbers and figures given by hostile groups are sheer lies,” he told reporters Tuesday. “Real statistics are seriously different from what they announce and numbers are far less than what they claim.”