Monk in Egypt executed over murder of bishop

Monk in Egypt executed over murder of bishop
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Egyptian authorities executed a monk who was convicted of killing a bishop in 2018, Reuters reported.

The brother of Waal Saad told Reuters on Sunday that his family were notified of his brother’s execution and to receive his body from the morgue. 

Saad and Ramon Rasmi Mansour were convicted of killing Bishop Epiphanius, 64, an abbott of the abbot of St Macarius Monastery in 2018. 


Prosecutors said in their trial that Saad used a steel pipe and struck Epiphanius in the back of the head three times while Mansour was on lookout, according to Reuters. 

Both men had their holy duties stripped away from them due to violations of monastic life. 

Mansour was sentenced to death, but he appealed and had his sentence reduced to life in prison, according to Reuters.