Netanyahu ahead of possible ouster: 'I fear for the destiny of the nation'

Netanyahu ahead of possible ouster: 'I fear for the destiny of the nation'
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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu lashed out this week as his 12-year term in power is likely to come to an end after a coalition of opposition lawmakers announced that they had reached an agreement to form a new government.

In an interview with Channel 20, a right-wing Israeli news channel, Netanyahu claimed he was the victim of a “deep state” conspiracy, The Associated Press reports.

“They are uprooting the good and replacing it with the bad and dangerous,” he said. “I fear for the destiny of the nation.”


The AP notes that this type of language is common for Netanyahu, who often describes both small and large threats with apocalyptic terms.

Israeli opposition lawmakers announced at the end of May that they had reached an agreement to oust Netanyahu and avoid another national election, after having gone through multiple elections in the past two years.

Shortly after the agreement was announced, Netanyahu released a video statement accusing right-wing Israeli politician Naftali Bennett, who helped form the coalition, of perpetuating "the fraud of the century."

"I stand here tonight as a loyal representative of the public elected by 2 million voters who chose me to protect the people of Israel. They know my compass isn’t broken," the prime minister said in Hebrew.

"Bennett said hollow phrases. He’s committed the fraud of the century. Naftali, your promises are empty as feathers. If people knew the truth, no-one but yourself would have voted for you. The only thing he cares about is being prime minister," he added.

Netanyahu has sought to pick off right-wing politicians from the coalition in an effort to break the agreement, but has so far been unsuccessful.

The Israeli Parliament is expected to vote this Sunday to approve a new government. If approved, it would be sworn in on the same day.

As he faces the probable end to his time in power, Netanyahu is also contending with an ongoing corruption trial that began in 2019 over allegations of fraud, bribery and breach of trust.