France urges citizens to leave Afghanistan over security concerns

France urges citizens to leave Afghanistan over security concerns
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France has joined a list of countries urging their citizens to leave Afghanistan due to security concerns.

“The government will set up a special flight on the morning of July 17, from Kabul, to allow the entire French community to return to France,” the France embassy to Afghanistan said in the statement

“The French Embassy formally recommends that all French people take this special flight or leave the country immediately on their own.”


The embassy also said that they will not be able to ensure safety for citizens who remain in the country after July 17, according to the statement. 

This comes amid reports of the Taliban killing 22 members of the Afghan Special Forces Unit on June 16 in the town of Dawlat Abad in the Faryab Province. 

The Biden administration announced in April the withdrawal of all U.S. troops after spending nearly 20 years in the country, first arriving in response to the terrorist attacks that happened on Sept. 11, 2001.

There are growing concerns that the Afghan government might fall within six months and the Taliban will retake control of the country.