Taliban claims victory in Panjshir, last resistance point in Afghanistan

The Taliban on Monday claimed victory after seizing Afghanistan's Panjshir province, the last resistance point in the country.

Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said on Twitter that the province was "completely conquered," CNN reported.

The province is about 90 miles north of Kabul and was the only one remaining in the nation that was not under the militant group's control.


“The last nest of the enemy, Panjshir province, was completely conquered. We assure the honorable people of Panjshir that they will not face any discriminatory treatment,” Mujahid said, according to CNN.

“They are all our brothers, and we will work for one country and one common goal. With the recent efforts and this victory, our country is completely out of the vortex of war,” Mujahid continued.

But the National Resistance Front in Afghanistan (NRF) said on Twitter that the militant’s group still continued to fight across the valley.

“Taliban’s claim of occupying Panjshir is false. The NRF forces are present in all strategic positions across the valley to continue the fight. We assure the ppl of Afghanistan that the struggle against the Taliban & their partners will continue until justice & freedom prevails,” the group said.

The Taliban rapidly took over strategic parts of Afghanistan last month as the United States and allied troops were withdrawing from the country. The group is now forming a new government.

According to The Washington Post, resistance fighters set up a base in Panjshir days after the Taliban seized control over Kabul.

NRF leader Ahmad Massoud, said on Facebook on Sunday that he was ready to stop fighting and negotiate with the Taliban.

“The NRF in principle agree to solve the current problems and put an immediate end to the fighting and continue negotiations,” Massoud said.