Missing Navalny doctor found after three days

A physician who treated Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny after he was poisoned last year has been found after being reported missing on Saturday.

Alexander Murakhovsky was found after he exited the forests in the Omsk region of Russia, located approximately 1,370 miles east of Moscow, on Monday, according to Reuters, which cited an RIA news agency report quoting the Omsk regional government.

Murakhovsky was said to be in “normal condition,” Reuters reported, and was sent to Bolsheukovsky District Hospital to be examined as a precaution.


A search for Murakhovsky was set in motion in the Omsk region forests after the physician left a forest hunting base on an all-terrain vehicle on Friday and did not return, according to Reuters.

The search reportedly included emergency services, police and volunteers.

Murakhovsky was the head doctor at the hospital in the Siberian city of Omsk where Navalny was treated after he collapsed on a flight last year, the wire service noted.

Navalny was later airlifted to a facility in Germany, and doctors found that the Kremlin critic was poisoned with a Soviet-style Novichok nerve agent.

At the time of Navalny’s hospitalization, however, Murakhovsky gave a number of press briefings during which he said that the “main working diagnosis” for the opposition leader was “a metabolic disorder which caused a sharp drop in blood sugar,” according to CNN.

Murakhovsky was later promoted to regional health minister of Omsk, CNN reported. Navalny criticized the promotion on social media, writing at the time, “You lie, fake test results, are ready to please the bosses in any way -- you get an award and a promotion,” according to CNN.

In February, a Russian doctor who treated Navalny, Sergey Maximishin, died “suddenly” at the age of 55.

Maximishin was the deputy chief physician at the Omsk emergency hospital where Murakhovsky was also employed.