Russian archer faints in heat at Olympics

Russian archer faints in heat at Olympics
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A Russian archer fainted at the Olympics due to the heat on Friday during a qualifying round.

Svetlana Gomboeva was done competing and checking her scores when she fainted in the 90-degree weather, Reuters reported.

Chief doctor for the Russian Olympic team Andrei Zholinsky said Gomboeba suffered from a sunstroke.


"This is the first time I remember this happening. In Vladivostok, where we were training before this, the weather was similar. But humidity played a role here,” coach Stanislav Popov said.

"It turns out that she couldn't stand a whole day out in the heat," Popov added.

She was taken out in a stretcher but regained consciousness quickly as her team put bags of ice on her head, according to Reuters.

Zholinsky said the Olympian’s hydration and rest schedule would be changed due to the incident. 

"I feel okay, my head hurts a lot. I can and I will shoot!" Gomboeva said on Instagram after she fainted.

Others competing tried to stay under trees and stay hydrated during the day due to the heat.

Friday marks the beginning of the Olympics that were canceled last year due to the pandemic. Controversy still remains around the Games due to the coronavirus.