Zelensky says he thinks Putin will soon negotiate end to war

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said in a new interview that he believes that Russian President Vladimir Putin will soon negotiate to end the war following strong resistance from Ukrainians.

“I think he will. I think he sees that we are strong,” Zelensky told Vice News. “He will. We need some time.”  

Zelensky also said from his stronghold in Kyiv that he does not trust Putin.

“Oh, no. I trust only my family,” Zelensky said.  “How to stop this war? Only dialogue,” added Zelensky, speaking in English.

Zelensky told Vice News that his message to Putin right now would be, “Stop the war. Begin to speak. That’s it.” 

The Pentagon has estimated that 4,000 Russian troops have been killed as the Russian invasion of Ukraine enters its third week. 

By comparison, 2,461 U.S. troops died in the war in Afghanistan over 20 years, the Pentagon noted. 

Zelensky said last week that he believed that 6,000 Russians had died during the invasion.

The Ukrainian forces have surprised military analysts and international observers, Vice noted. 

Russia has demanded that Ukraine surrender the Russian-occupied, Ukrainian region of Crimea and undergo complete demilitarization as terms for a cease-fire. 

However, an aide to Zelensky reportedly said Wednesday that Ukraine would not agree to give up any of its regions, but added that Ukraine would be open to talks of neutrality.

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