Boehner: UN Iran vote ‘bad start for a bad deal’

Boehner: UN Iran vote ‘bad start for a bad deal’
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House Speaker John BoehnerJohn Andrew BoehnerSam Johnson: Fighter for the greater good Bottom line Bottom line MORE (R-Ohio) is joining the chorus of congressional criticism for a United Nations Security Council vote to endorse the Obama administration's nuclear deal with Iran and other nations.

By allowing the U.N. panel to take up and unanimously endorse the deal, President Obama “ignored the concerns of the American people, and senior members of his own party,” Boehner said in a statement on Monday afternoon


“This is a bad start for a bad deal,” he added. “The American people expect their representatives to review this potential agreement and stop Iran’s push for a nuclear weapon, and we will continue our critical work to do just that.”

Boehner’s opposition added to the bipartisan outrage over the Obama administration encouraging the U.N. to review the terms of the deal — setting the stage for rolling back sanctions against Iran — before Congress had formally weighed in.

Lawmakers have 60 days to evaluate and formally rebuke or endorse the accord with Iran, which lifts international sanctions against its oil and financial sectors in exchange for a decade’s worth of restrictions on its ability to build a nuclear weapon.

The State Department got the clock started on the review process on Sunday by formally sending the terms of the deal to Capitol Hill.

The fact that the U.N. took action just hours after Congress got its copy added insult to injury, Boehner claimed.

“Enabling such a consequential vote just 24 hours after submitting the agreement documents to Congress undermines our national security and violates the spirit of the Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act, which passed the House in May with more than 400 votes,” the House speaker said.