Dem poll finds broad support for Iran deal

Dem poll finds broad support for Iran deal
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A new poll commissioned by a Democratic advocacy group finds that a majority of U.S. voters support the multinational deal with Iran and want Congress to approve the accord.

Additionally, just 36 percent of voters said that they would be less likely to vote for a member of Congress who voted to sustain the deal, which will surely come as welcome news to supporters looking to convince Democrats to back it.

“The message is clear: voters think the Iran deal is a good one for the country, they want Congress to move it along, and if anything they’ll reward elected officials in the future who throw their support behind the agreement,” Tom Jensen, the director of left-leaning pollster Public Policy Polling (PPP), wrote in a memo with the survey’s results. “It’s a winner politically.” 


The poll was commissioned by Americans United for Change, a liberal organization.

It comes in the beginning stages of a heated lobbying blitz on Capitol Hill, where Democrats will be split between their allegiances to the White House and skepticism from critics of the deal, such as Israel.

In September, Congress will vote to block the deal, and Democrats will need to serve as a buffer against Republican opposition, which appears united. The White House has launched an aggressive campaign to sway on-the-fence Democrats, which has included personal outreach from President Obama on down. 

The poll released on Monday found that 54 percent of voters support the deal, and 38 percent oppose it. However, 75 percent of Democrats say they back the deal, according to the PPP, while 54 percent of Republicans oppose it.

Among Democrats, 79 percent of voters say that a lawmaker’s vote in support of the deal would not make them any less likely to support them in the future.

The survey polled 730 registered voters last week and has a margin of error of 3.6 percent.