Teen hackers claim to dump data on thousands of government officials

Teen hackers claim to dump data on thousands of government officials
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The teenaged hackers alleged to be behind the breach of CIA director John Brennan’s personal email account on Thursday released what appeared to be thousands of law enforcement and military personnel’s personal information.


The duo, which goes by the name Crackas With Attitude, claimed to have leaked the data in support of Palestine, headlining the file with the hashtag #FreePalestine.

In a series of tweets Thursday afternoon, the member who goes by the name Cracka posted graphic images of violence apparently taken in Israel.

“do you understand what i was fighting for now?” he tweeted.

“for other countries, you all knew i risked my life for palestine, for freedom for others, for rights for other people,” he tweeted.

The region has been roiled in Israeli-Palestinian violence in recent weeks, sparked by protests at a Jerusalem holy site important to Jews, Christians and Muslims.

The roughly 2,400 names on the Crackas With Attitude list have not yet been verified, although a spot check does reveal some legitimate contact information.

Among them are personnel from the FBI, state and local police departments, district attorney’s offices, border patrol, customs and others.

Cracka claims that the list is “only part 1.” In an earlier tweet, he posted a screenshot of what appears to be the information for Darren Wilson, the Ferguson, Mo., police officer who shot and killed Michael Brown.

The teenaged duo have been widely characterized as stoner high schoolers who were essentially trolling senior law enforcement and intelligence officials.

Cracka told told Vice Motherboard Wednesday that they have hacked into FBI Deputy Director Mark Giuliano’s personal account for the sole purpose of retaliation.

“We didn't target him for anything interesting, we targeted him because FBI are [sic] investigating us,” he said.

The duo has expressed support for Palestine before, portraying themselves in an interview with The New York Post as being motivated by opposition to U.S. foreign policy and support for Palestine.

Cracka clearly distanced himself from another massive data dump dropped on Thursday afternoon by the anarchist collective Anonymous.

That leak, which purported to out active members of the Ku Klux Klan, appeared to be largely culled from social media and other publicly available sources.

“The leak I did has nothing to do with #OpKKK, the leak I did was in support for #FreePalestine,” Cracka tweeted.

--Cory Bennett contributed.