Extremists cheer killing of Americans in Jordan

Extremists cheer killing of Americans in Jordan
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Islamic extremists are cheering a Jordanian for killing two Americans and at least three others at a police training facility on Monday, and urging followers to copy the man’s attack.

Supporters of the violence called 29-year-old Anwar Abu Zaid a “martyr,” and said that his “beautiful news” should inspire copycats.

“The killing shall continue and will not stop,” wrote one person on Twitter. “Where will the next strike happen?”


“I suspect we will be hearing about similar operations,” wrote another.

The social media postings were gathered and translated by the monitoring organization Middle East Media Research Institute.

On Monday, Abu Zaid killed the two Americans along with a South African and two Jordanians at a police training facility in Amman funded by the United States. Seven other people were injured in the shooting.

Abu Zaid was eventually killed in a shootout.

The attack occurred on the 10th anniversary of a string of deadly al Qaeda suicide bombings in Amman that killed 57 people.

Jordan is a close ally of the Obama administration in its fight against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS), and Monday’s shooting prompted concern that the group may have been responsible.

American intelligence and law enforcement officials warn that the organization has been able to successfully encourage "lone wolves" to plan attacks in their home towns across the globe.

Despite some extremists’ expression of support, however, no organization has taken responsibility for Monday's shooting.

According to Reuters, Abu Zaid told friends ahead of the shooting that he was on a path to “paradise or hell.”