Anti-Defamation League 'deeply disappointed' by governors over refugees

Anti-Defamation League 'deeply disappointed' by governors over refugees
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The Anti-Defamation League said Monday that it is "deeply disappointed" with a slew of governors moving to block Syrian refugees from resettling in their states.


"This country must not give into fear or bias by turning its back on our nation’s fundamental commitment to refugee protection and human rights," the group's chief executive Jonathan Greenblatt said in a statement.

"Now is precisely the time to stand up for our core values, including that we are a proud nation of immigrants. To do otherwise signals to the terrorists that they are winning the battle against democracy and freedom," he added.

More than two-dozen governors, mostly Republicans, have announced they want to bar the refugees from being placed in their states through a federal resettlement effort after last week's terrorist attacks in Paris, adding to mounting pressure to block entry of the refugees.

At least one of the attackers reportedly slipped into Europe amid a group of Syrian asylum seekers. Several governors have called for a full review of the vetting process for those refugees who would enter the U.S.

"The current refugee crisis in Europe is the worst since World War II," Greenblatt said. "The Jewish community is particularly affected by the images of men, women and children forced to flee their homes only to find they are unwanted anyplace else. Many of these refugees are fleeing the same terrorists who perpetrated the horrendous attacks on Paris.

"We therefore urge the governors who have announced their closed door policies to look at the current multi-layered security screening already in place before reaching for new restrictions to ensure that additional measures will actually be effective," he added.