Senate looks to beef up network security

Senate looks to beef up network security

The Senate is looking to ramp up its network’s cyber defenses.

The Office of the Sergeant at Arms is seeking contractors to conduct a threat analysis of the Senate’s network security, according to an announcement posted on a government website for contractors.


“The Senate has recently improved the network infrastructure to establish a more robust cybersecurity capability,” said the post.  

With its upcoming contracts, the Senate will now be adding a “cyber threat analysis team” within its Information Technology (IT) Security Branch.

The team will be “focused solely on the analysis of threat/intelligence-based products to maximize the ability of the IT Security Branch to perform proactive cybersecurity operations.”

The Senate will look to the group to better understand digital adversaries and to stay informed about newly discovered vulnerabilities. The team would then develop strategies to thwart hackers looking to exploit these security defects.

When asked, the analysis group will also “provide metrics, reports and presentations when directed to advise leadership of cyber adversary activities,” the Senate said.

Security experts have long been concerned that Capitol Hill is a prime target for hackers. They say Hill offices are thwarting cyberattacks daily.

In response, both the House and Senate have worked to bolster their cybersecurity.

In late 2014, the House introduced new email security measures, requiring House email users to change their passwords every 60 days. More complex passwords were also mandated.