Brussels apartment served as Paris attack 'bomb factory’

Brussels apartment served as Paris attack 'bomb factory’
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Belgian officials said Friday they have found a Brussels apartment used both as a “bomb factory” ahead of the Nov. 13 Paris attacks and as hideout by alleged conspirator Salah Abdeslam afterwards.


Abdeslam, who is still at large, reportedly fled back to Belgium after the attacks, and his fingerprint was found in the Schaerbeek district apartment, along with traces of explosives and three handmade belts suitable for carrying bombs, according to multiple reports.

Abdeslam’s exact role in the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) assault is unclear, though his brother served as a suicide bomber. Some 130 people died as a result of the attacks, which authorities believe were at least partially planned in Brussels.

Belgian police have arrested 10 people in their investigation, including Mohammed Amri and Hamza Attou, who is accused of driving Abdeslam back from Paris.

Suspected ringleader Abdelhamid Abaaoud died alongside a cousin in a firefight with Paris police on Nov. 18.