The Republican National Committee on Thursday rolled out a new line of attack against Hillary Clinton’s private email setup while secretary of State, one year after she first publicly addressed the contested issue.

A new website attempts to rebut what it calls the “dishonest claims” the Democratic presidential front-runner has offered about her exclusive use of a private server while serving as secretary of State, claiming she violated federal policies and regulations. 

“Clinton’s unprecedented email arrangement was an egregious error in judgment that jeopardized the nation’s most sensitive intelligence,” RNC Chairman Reince Priebus said in a statement. “Hillary Clinton and her campaign have attempted to distract, deceive, and confuse the American people about the truth.”

The new site, he added, “breaks down the facts so voters understand the full scope of her reckless conduct”

The fact sheet and list of arguments offer evidence that the GOP is deadset on continuing to use the email issue as an attack against Clinton, even as she has repeatedly shrugged it off. On Wednesday, the RNC filed a pair of lawsuits under the Freedom of Information Act to obtain emails and communications from Clinton and her top aides.

Thursday’s development followers her dismissal during Wednesday’s debate of the possibility of a criminal indictment for potential mishandling classified information.

“Oh, for goodness, it’s not going to happen,” Clinton said, refusing to answer a question about the topic.

“I’m not worried about it, and no Democrat or American should be either.”

The FBI is currently investigating Clinton’s bespoke email practices and whether she or any of her top aides broke laws about safeguarding federal records. The probe has lasted for months and is likely to dog her into the general election, should she be the nominee. 

More than 2,000 of the roughly 30,000 supposedly work-related emails of Clinton’s that the State Department has released contained some level of classified information. Another 22 emails were classified at the highest level of “top secret” and were not released at all — even in a heavily redacted form. 

“The truth is that on more than 2,000 occasions, Hillary Clinton sent or received classified information that ultimately put our national security and sensitive diplomatic efforts at risk,” Priebus said in his Thursday statement. “The ongoing investigation by the FBI, coupled with Clinton’s arrogant and dishonest claims, shows she can’t be trusted with the presidency.”

Clinton has claimed that all of those classification decisions were made retroactively. Government officials have disputed the point on at least the top secret emails.

Last week, a former IT staffer who reportedly set up the server in Clinton’s New York home was granted immunity in order to speak with federal investigators. The move could signify that investigators are intensifying their probe into Clinton and her allies.

Attorney General Loretta Lynch refused to discuss the reported immunity deal during a Senate committee hearing this week.

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