State Dept. criticized for asking 'Not a 10?'

State Dept. criticized for asking 'Not a 10?'
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The State Department was forced to apologize on Wednesday for a questionably worded message that was criticized as offensive.

“Not a ‘10’ in the US?” the department’s Bureau of Consular Affairs asked, apparently referring to a rating of physical attractiveness. “Then not a 10 overseas.”

The tweet drew criticism online, where some said it appeared sexist or patronizing. 

Hours later, the department deleted the tweet and apologized, saying it  meant as a warning for Americans “to be careful while traveling.”

The “Not a 10?” tweet isn’t the first time the State Department’s Twitter activity came under scrutiny this week, when many colleges and universities are on spring break.


On Tuesday, it warned about mysterious contests giving winners “free luggage” that is actually “lined with cocaine.”