State Dept official: Clinton’s private email use ‘did not register’

State Dept official: Clinton’s private email use ‘did not register’
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A senior State Department official said this week that he simply didn't find anything unusual about former Secretary Hillary Clinton’s exclusive use of a private email account for work.

“It did not register,” Undersecretary for Management Patrick Kennedy told lawyers with conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch this week, during a 2.5-hour deposition at the Justice Department.


“It did not strike any bells in my mind.”

Kennedy didn’t think it was unusual for Clinton to be using an email account ending in clintonemail.com rather than state.gov, he said, “because previous secretaries of State had not used email addresses at all.”

“I never had received an email from any of the secretaries of State that I had ever worked for.”

“To the best of my knowledge and experience, [Clinton’s usage of email] was a very, very limited nature,” he added.

Kennedy’s deposition on Wednesday was the eighth and final scheduled interview conducted by Judicial Watch as part of its open records lawsuit, which alleges that the State Department thwarted federal transparency laws through Clinton’s exclusive use of a personal server in the basement of her New York home.

Following the deposition, lawyers will return to a federal judge in Washington and determine whether they will ask Clinton herself to answer questions, as the judge has warned could be possible.