EU urges Obama to veto 9/11 bill

EU urges Obama to veto 9/11 bill
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The European Union (EU) on Wednesday urged President Obama to veto a bill making it easier for the families of 9/11 victims to sue Saudi Arabia.


"The European Union considers that the adoption of the bill and its subsequent implementation might have unwanted consequences as other States may seek to adopt similar legislation, leading to a further weakening of the principles of State sovereign immunity,” the EU delegation to the United States wrote, warning the State Department that the bill would “put a burden on bilateral relations between states.”

“Therefore, the European Union calls upon the President of the United States to act in order to prevent the JASTA bill from becoming law.”

The White House has already said it will veto the Justice Against State Sponsors of Terrorism Act on similar grounds.

But the bill is enormously popular, passing both the Senate and the House unanimously. 

The president has until Friday to veto the legislation, while an override vote would likely occur next week. 

Should the legislation be enacted, the EU would seek “strong assurances” that the U.S. government would take advantage of a provision in the legislation allowing it to obtain a stay of legal proceedings “in order to mitigate possible breaches of the principle of State sovereign immunity,” the delegation wrote.

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