Alleged Charleston shooter to represent himself in court

Alleged Charleston shooter to represent himself in court
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The alleged gunman accused of killing nine people at a historically African-American church last year will be allowed to represent himself in court, a federal judge declared on Monday.

As a result of the ruling from U.S. District Judge Richard Gergel, Dylann Roof, 22, will be responsible for maintaining his own defense in the death penalty case in which he is accused of gunning down parishioners in the Charleston, S.C., Emanuel AME Church.


If survivors of the rampage are asked to testify in the course of the trial, Roof could be able to ask them questions in court.

The Monday order came in the course of jury selection for the high profile case, which is expected to last for several months. Jury selection had been delayed three weeks, following questions about Roof's ability to understand the court process.

Gergel ruled on Friday that Roof was competent to stand trial.

According to prosecutors, Roof was indoctrinated by white supremacist ideology online, and carried out his massacre as an act of racial hatred.

He has pleaded not guilty to hate crimes charges as well as the murder of nine people and the attempted murder of three.