GOP rep on Flynn: 'The coverup was worse than the crime'

National security adviser Michael Flynn became a "distraction" to the Trump administration when he misled Vice President Pence about his calls with the Russian ambassador, Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-Ill.) said Tuesday.

"In this case, the coverup was worse than the crime. And it's arguably or questionably a crime," Kinzinger said on "Fox and Friends."

"It was a bad decision to call Russia and talk about this in the middle of the past administration determining what sanctions were going to look like. But what happened, the big problem is when he lied to the vice president and he became a distraction to President Trump."


Kinzinger said he thinks Flynn did the "honorable thing" by calling the president and explaining he was a distraction.

"I think, as an honorable military man, which Gen. Flynn is, he called the president and said, 'Look, I'm a distraction to you. There's nothing more important than you being successful in your administration,' " he said.

"And did the honorable thing."

Flynn resigned late Monday after reports emerged that he misled senior White House officials about his conversations with Russia.

His future in the White House had come under speculation since reports surfaced last week that he talked about sanctions against Russia with the country's ambassador before Trump was sworn in.

Flynn blamed his resignation late Monday on the "fast pace of events" that led him to "inadvertently" give PenceĀ and others "incomplete information" about his phone conversations with Russia's ambassador to the U.S.

He apologized to the president and vice president and said the two had accepted his apology.