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Tallahassee yoga shooter’s YouTube filled with misogynistic, racist rants

The man who police say shot and killed two women at a Florida yoga studio Friday had a YouTube channel filled with sexist, racist rants in which he identified himself as a “misogynist” and expressed sympathy for “involuntary celibates.”

Tallahassee, Fla. police have identified 40-year-old Scott Beierle as the man who killed two women and wounded four other women and a man at a yoga studio on Friday afternoon before killing himself.

{mosads}Buzzfeed News first reported on his YouTube channel, which consists of 12 videos that show Beierle ranting to the camera about a range of topics related to gender relations and race. All of the videos appear to have been posted four years ago. 

The news comes after multiple outlets reported that Beierle was charged with battery twice, for assaulting women in 2012 and 2016. He was arrested in 2012 after allegedly grabbing the rear ends of two women on a college campus, and again in 2016 for slapping and grabbing the buttocks of another woman in a pool, the Tallahassee Democrat reported

The charges were dismissed both times. 

In one video, titled “The American Whore,” Beierle railed against interracial dating, calling it “mongrelization.” 

“There are whores in, not only every city, not only every town, but every village,” Beierle said, as first reported by Buzzfeed News. 

In another video, titled “The Rebirth of my Misogynism,” he named all of the women who he felt wronged him throughout his entire life, blaming them for his “rebirth” as an anti-woman crusader.

He accused women of “treachery” and “lying,” and said of one woman, “I could have ripped her head off.”

Throughout the videos, he refers to women as “whores” and “sluts” and laments their “collective treachery,” Buzzfeed News reported.

Beierle also expressed sympathy for teenage males in situations “similar” to Elliot Rodger, the man who who killed six people and injured 14 during a 2014 shooting rampage. Before the massacre, Rodger posted a manifesto to YouTube denouncing all of the women who had ever rejected him. 

He has become a heroic figure to “involuntary celibates,” a sub-culture of misogynistic men known for vilifying and dehumanizing women. 

Beierle is the second suspected assailant to mention Rodger as an inspiration before a violent spree, Buzzfeed News noted. A man who allegedly killed 10 people in Canada in April posted about “involuntary celibates” and “the Supreme Gentleman Elliot Rodger” on Facebook before the attack.

“I’d like to send a message now to the adolescent males … that are in the position, the situation, the disposition of Elliot Rodger, of not getting any, no love, no nothing,” Beierle said in a video called “Plight of the Adolescent Male.”

“This endless wasteland that breeds this longing and this frustration,” he added. “That was me, certainly, as an adolescent.”

In another video, “Illegal Immigration and the Unaffordable Care Act,” he advocated for further militarizing the U.S.-Mexico border and accuses the Affordable Care Act of “susidizing sluttiness” by offering coverage for birth control. 

“This health-care law ultimately facilitates the sex life of slutty girls,” he said. “I shouldn’t have to pay for it.”

The Tallahassee Police Department confirmed to Buzzfeed News that “everything that he has a connection to, we’re investigating right now.” 

The Florida shooting came on the heels of a week marked by violent extremism. 

Cesar Sayoc Jr., the man suspected of sending 14 pipe bombs to prominent Democrats around the country and CNN last week, was charged and ordered to be held without bail on Monday.

Investigations of Sayoc’s social media profiles show he was heavily influenced by right-wing conspiracy theories and grew increasingly violent and threatening in recent months. 

Federal prosecutors last Saturday also filed 29 charges against Robert Bowers, the suspect in a shooting that left at least 11 congregants dead at the Pittsburgh-area Tree of Life synagogue that morning. The shooting was the deadliest attack on Jewish people in U.S. history.

Robert Bowers posted on multiple social media accounts about his virulent hatred of Jewish people and immigrants. 

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