National Security

Dem senator introduces bill requiring campaigns to report foreign contacts

Sen. Mark Warner (D-Va.) on Tuesday introduced a bill to require political campaigns to report foreign attempts to influence U.S. elections to the Federal Election Commission (FEC) following communications between the Trump campaign and foreign actors revealed in the Mueller report. 

Warner, who is the vice chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, introduced the Foreign Influence Reporting in Elections Act, which would give campaigns one week to report communication with foreign nationals who try to make campaign donations or work with the campaign "through the proffer of information or services," according to a statement from Warner's office. 

Campaigns would also be required to implement a "compliance system" to track foreign contacts. They would also be required to report "applicable" foreign contacts to the FEC, which would then alert the FBI.  

"Most Americans already know that if a foreign adversary reaches out about interfering in our elections, you should report that contact," Warner said in the statement.

"After Special Counsel Robert Mueller identified at least 140 contacts between Trump associates and Russian nationals or WikiLeaks, it's clear that some Americans haven't taken that responsibility seriously - in fact, the Trump campaign welcomed the help, and sought to hide that from the American people," he added. "This bill would protect the integrity of our democracy by requiring future campaigns to report attempts by foreign nationals to coordinate or collaborate during a political campaign, and by putting campaigns on notice about their obligations."

The Justice Department released a redacted version of the Mueller report last month. Attorney General William Barr said ahead of the report's release that Mueller did not find evidence of coordination between Russia and the Trump campaign.