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House prosecutors will use previously unseen video evidence of attack

The nine House Democratic impeachment managers will introduce video evidence in this week’s Senate trial that has not previously been seen, sources close to the Democratic managers’ team said Tuesday.

That revelation came during a call with reporters where senior staff to the House prosecutors laid out their strategy for convincing senators to convict former President Trump for inciting a deadly insurrection at the Capitol on Jan. 6. 

“We plan to be succinct and to the point and non-repetitive. The attack happened in plain sight. There is compelling, overwhelming evidence. It’s on video and elsewhere,” said one of the senior aides to the managers. 

“We plan to fully utilize all the evidence available in all the forums, including evidence that nobody has seen before.”

As The Hill previously reported, the managers plan to forgo any lengthy or abstract legal analysis that could bore the senators and the American public watching at home. Instead, they hope to use video and other available evidence from the assault to tell a riveting story of Trump’s role in the attack on the Capitol.

“This is about the very serious issue of holding President Trump accountable, the most serious betrayal on a president ever, and ensuring that no president ever does it again,” the senior aide said. 

“The managers are trying this case to move the hearts, mind and consciences of all 100 jurors and expect to prevail. In the end, that is what they’re doing to win this case, and they are confident of their mission.”

The impeachment trial is beginning in the Senate on Tuesday afternoon. 


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