Richmond couple arrested with loaded guns near US Capitol, authorities say

A couple from Richmond, Va., was arrested Monday with loaded guns near the U.S. Capitol, authorities said.

United States Capitol Police (USCP) said in a statement that Titus Hayes and his wife, Nicole Carter, were each charged with four weapons charges related to the incident.

There was no information indicating that they were targeting a member of Congress or the Capitol complex.


Neither of them have a previous record with USCP.

USCP said Hayes approached two officers at 12:50 p.m. on Monday to ask for directions. One of the officers spotted a black firearm sticking out of the front pocket of his shorts, the agency said.

The gun was a 9 mm pistol with a high capacity magazine. Hayes was arrested for carrying a pistol without a license in the District of Columbia.

While in custody, Hayes said that he and Carter had a second gun in their SUV. Another 9 mm handgun was found in the glove box.

USCP said both were taken into custody without issue.

Hayes and Carter were both charged with carrying a pistol without a license; unregistered firearm; and unlawful possession of ammunition.

Hayes was additionally charged with possession of a large capacity feeding device, while Carter was charged with unlawful transportation of a firearm.