Men more confident than women in broadband knowledge, FCC survey shows

Gender aside, the FCC said it wants every body to have a better grasp of his or her connectivity status. “The more broadband subscribers know about what speeds they need and what speeds they get, the more they can make the market work and push faster speeds over broadband networks,” FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski said in a statement.

A handful of FCC initiatives seek to improve consumer awareness on the issue. The agency released a public notice Tuesday seeking comment on the best ways to measure mobile broadband speed, including how consumers can use speed measurements to get better service. The agency is also planning a study of home broadband speeds based on data from 10,000 volunteers who have special hardware installed into their homes. The agency provides consumers a ways to test their broadband speed through its website.

The FCC’s survey ran nationally over the telephone in April and May 2010.