DNC unveils iPad app to organize grass roots

The application is part of the DNC's Vote 2010 initiative, through which the DNC has committed $50 million in cash and resources to getting Democrats elected during the fall midterms.

Both the DNC and Organizing for America (OFA) will use versions of the app to reach out to their massive networks of voters, organizers and supporters. For example, a user might receive an alert about a rally or canvassing event near their home and post that notice on Facebook for others to see.

Hoffine said the application is also evidence of the Democrats' continued advantage with regards to online organizing.

"I think we continue to maintain a strong edge over the GOP in grassroots organizing," Hoffine said.

"As the first-ever political party, committee or candidate to release an application for the iPad, we are showing once again that the DNC and OFA are on the cutting edge of technology and leading the field in developing new and innovative ways to communicate with our massive grassroots network of voters, supporters and activists.”