Cyber Command encrypts logo

As the military unit in charge of protecting the nation’s computer networks, the U.S. Cyber Command based at Fort Meade, Md., is expected to be at the cutting edge of cybersecurity and data encryption. With National Security Agency Gen. Keith Alexander at the helm, critics have argued the intelligence community may have too much of a hold on the new unit.

One data point that may add to their case: The logo for the new command apparently includes a coded inscription, the meaning of which remains unclear. The code as it appears on the inner gold ring of the logo (pictured above): 9ec4c12949a4f31474f299058ce2b22a.

A Cyber Command source told Wired’s Danger Room blog the characters have a specific meaning that is spelled out in military documents.

“It is not just random numbers and does ‘decode’ to something specific,” the source said. “I believe it is specifically detailed in the official heraldry for the unit symbol.”

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