Two more Democrats oppose FCC's reclassification plan

Both congressmen said Capitol Hill, rather than the FCC, should clarify the legal framework around broadband services. The existing framework was cast into confusion in April after a federal appeals court decision struck down an FCC attempt to enforce net neutrality policies.

Most members of Congress have voiced opposition to reclassification, but the FCC only needs the vote of three commissioners to move on the proposal.

Reclassification opponents in Congress include 78 House Democrats and three Senate Democrats.


Reclassification, which cable and phone companies strongly oppose, is a substantial bargaining chip for Genachowski. Top FCC officials are meeting with industry stakeholders to see if they can work out a deal on net-neutrality regulations that might make reclassification unnecessary.

The stakeholders are meeting again on Saturday. Previous talks have included Google, Skype, the Open Internet Coalition and as well as NCTA, Verizon and AT&T.

It has not been announced what vehicle would be used to authorize a potential deal, but ex parte papers filed by the stakeholders say they are discussing "legislative language" for a net neutrality rule, which could suggest Congress might be asked to bless the final agreement.