Progressives to Google: 'Don't be evil'

The Progressive Change Campaign Committee (PCCC) is circulating a petition in response to news that Google will soon announce a traffic-management deal with Verizon: "Don't be evil." 

The message from the political action committee, which supports candidates on the left, riffs on Google's corporate motto. PCCC's letter says it is responding to a New York Times article that suggested, in the view of net neutrality purists, that Google might reverse its long-espoused support for net neutrality.

Google and Verizon have both denied the account offered in the New York Times article, which stood out among many reports on the negotiations because it offered greater detail on what it suggested was an intent by Google to pay to have its content fast-tracked to Web users. The New York Times stood by its reporting. 

The specifics of the deal have not been announced, but are expected on Monday or early this week.