NYC: Distracted driving is 'pressing' as cell use rises

After pinpointing distracted driving as the main cause for pedestrian car crashes, a New York City report said on Monday that it is urgent to consider the rising importance of cell phones and the dangers they present to pedestrians. 

Releasing a sweeping report on pedestrian safety, the city's transportation department found that driver inattention was the most frequent cause for cars to collide with and seriously injure or kill pedestrians in New York City last year. 

"This issue has recently become more pressing as cellphones, computers and other portable devices further distract the driver," the report said. 

Using a hand-held cell phone while driving is illegal in New York City. Using any cell phone is illegal while driving a taxi.

Police in New York City issued an average of more than 600 summonses a day to drivers who used handheld cell phones. During a 24-hour blitz in January, it issued more than 7,000. 

"NYPD will continue to crackdown on drivers using hand-held cellphones or who text while driving," the report said.

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