Spain joins chorus of concern on Google 'Wi-Spy'

Spain became the latest country to sound alarm bells over a Google privacy incident in which the company collected private user data running over unencrypted Wi-Fi networks that could have included such information as bank account numbers and e-mails.

A Madrid judge issued a subpoena Monday for an appearance by a Google representative in order to probe whether the company committed a crime, according to the Associated Press.

Google has said the privacy breach, coined the "Wi-Spy" debacle by critics, occurred by mistake because of glitchy software. The company maintains that it did not break the law. It also says it has never used the data it collected, according to the AP

The faulty technology was based in Google's Street View cars, which drive around neighborhoods getting a lay of the land on behalf of the company's mapping application. The data collection occurred over a four-year period, the AP said, and in more than 30 countries.