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Industry notes

Michael Dell faces protest. "Michael Dell, Dell's leader and largest shareholder, suffered a serious protest vote from investors despite his reelection to its board of directors during the computer maker's Aug. 12 annual meeting," The Wall Street Journal reports. "In a regulatory filing Tuesday, Dell disclosed that 25.1% of votes cast withheld support for the reelection of Mr. Dell, the company's chairman and chief executive."

Spain joins chorus of 'Wi-Spy' concern. Spain became the latest country to sound alarm bells over a Google privacy incident in which the company collected private user data running over unencrypted Wi-Fi networks that could have included such information as bank account numbers and e-mails. A Madrid judge issued a subpoena Monday for an appearance by a Google representative in order to probe whether the company committed a crime, according to the Associated Press.


GOOGLE — Jon Stewart poked fun at liberal protesters who headed to Mountain View on Friday to object to Google's stance on net neutrality. "They are some of the hippest most sophisticated people anywhere," he said before cutting to a shot of protesters singing old-fashioned songs. "We're completely [effed]," Stewart says. Gawker posted the clip here: