Music industry questions Google on piracy

"Accordingly," the letter continues, "we are deeply interested in the details of your proposal as they may relate to the protection of content and to making sure that the distinction between lawful and unlawful activity has operational meaning."

The groups argue distinguishing lawful from unlawful activity has long been a firmly established tenet of broadband policy, but complain the current legal and regulatory framework is not doing enough to protect songwriters, technicians and other music industry professionals from copyright infringements.

"The current legal and regulatory regime is not working for America’s creators. Our businesses are being undermined, as are the dreams and careers of songwriters, artists, musicians, studio technicians, and other professionals," the letter states.

The groups say they share a common goal with Google of creating "an Internet predicated on order, rather than chaos." They express hope the Federal Communications Commission, lawmakers and various stakeholders can work together "to make the distinction between lawful and unlawful content relevant in the marketplace."