RIM offers to work with India on BlackBerry concerns

"Singling out and banning one solution, such as the BlackBerry solution, would be ineffective and counter-productive. It would be ineffective because anyone perpetrating the misuse of the technology would continue to have easy access to other wireless and wireline services that utilize strong encryption and are readily available in the market today."

Instead, the Ontario-based firm offered to lead an industry forum on how to best satisfy Indian law enforcement agencies' need for access while balancing the security interests of corporations and other institutions.

"The use of strong encryption in wireless technology is not unique to the BlackBerry platform. It is unquestionably an industry wide matter. Strong encryption has become a mandatory requirement for all enterprise-class wireless email services today and is also a fundamental commercial requirement for any country to attract and maintain international business."

The Indian government is expected to announce a decision early next week on how it will proceed.