Phones have Chinese, Japanese youth forgetting how to write with pen

From the AFP article:

Tokyo student Maya Kato, 22, said: "I hardly hand-write anymore, which is the main reason why I have forgotten so many characters.

"It is frustrating because I always almost remember the character, and lose it at the last minute. I forget if there was an extra line, or where the dot is supposed to go."


A survey by Chinese news outlet Dayang Net found 80 percent of respondents had forgotten how to write some characters. 

The article cites two women who keep written diaries just to ensure they do not lose all their writing skills to character amnesia. 

But the women were not sure that outside those diaries, they really even need the writing skills anymore. 

Maybe "when I have to sign the back of my new credit card," one woman said. "That's almost all."