Craigslist CEO slams CNN reporter Amber Lyon

Newmark serves as the company's chief customer service representative and chairman of the board, but has delegated much of the management of the company to Buckmaster and others. Buckmaster accused Lyon of going after Newmark in order to sensationalize her report and compared her to a tabloid reporter.

"You knew Craig was not in management or a company spokesperson, but setting CNN’s ethical code aside, you sidestepped company channels in favor of ambushing our semi-retired founder, complete with a misleading 'set up' for your surprise questions," Buckmaster wrote. "Your stunt has veteran news pros we know recoiling in journalistic horror, some of them chalking it up to a decline in CNN’s standards, which is unfortunate."

"Seeing how you’ve pinned your career hopes on butchering this story, I’ll have to pass," Buckmaster concludes, before admitting the company would consider sitting down to speak with CNN host Anderson Cooper.