Sex trafficking victim: 'Every pimp has a MySpace page'

Tina Frundt, the executive director of Courtney's House, said at a hearing on Tuesday that Craigslist is an important thoroughfare for the trafficking of children, but that other parts of the Internet are concerning as well.

Speaking at a House Justiciary Crime Subcommitee hearing on domestic sex trafficking, she described her own experience as a victim when, as a 13-year-old girl, she "fell in love" with a man who physically abused her. She wound up being arrested as a teenager.

Now she has opened a center to help sex-trafficking victims in the D.C. area called Courtney's House. She said the victims who come through her venue have often been trafficked on Craigslist. Other online venues, including, also abet child prostitution, according to Frundt.

"Every pimp has a MySpace page," she said.