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Obama stumps for Connecticut AG Richard Blumenthal

President Obama appeared at a reception for Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal in Stamford on Thursday evening. Blumenthal is currently the Democratic nominee to succeed Sen. Chris Dodd (D-Conn.). Blumenthal has drawn headlines in the tech world by leading a coalition of state attorneys general investigating Google's breach of private Wi-Fi networks via its Street View cars. He was also among the more vocal critics of Craigslist's "adult services" section. Obama praised Blumenthal for his performance as AG, but stayed away from any references to those two crusades.

Oracle profits up 20 percent. Oracle reported better-than-expected earnings Thursday afternoon, a sign the demand for enterprise hardware and software is growing. The firm's results were lifted by strong sales of database software and brisk business in its recent acquisition of Sun Microsystems. Oracle has also been in the headlines recently for hiring ex-Hewlett-Packard chief executive Mark Hurd, who issued a statement touting Oracle's research investments. http://bit.ly/b7Sjlp

FCC Commissioner Baker says government shouldn't bail out media. Speaking at the Capitol Media Summit on Wednesday, Baker said government funding would reduce the public's already shrinking faith in the media's objectivity. She acknowledged the challenges facing traditional media organizations due to the digital transition, but expressed optimism that new companies would be able to fill the gaps left by disappearing newspapers. http://bit.ly/cLcWTU

Leading tech firms negotiating deal with DOJ over hiring probe. The Wall Street Journal reports several top tech companies including Google, Apple, Intel and Disney are in talks with the Justice Department in hopes of avoiding a trial over charges that they colluded to keep wages low by agreeing not to poach one another's employees. A government victory in court could lead to a class-action lawsuit from employees seeking damages. http://bit.ly/dgMZh6

Inventor of Google Voice joins Google Ventures. Google's capital investing arm has hired Craig Walker, the man behind Google Voice. Walker will be the firm's first entrepreneur-in-residence, essentially an expert paid to think of new ideas. Walker said he is interested in next-generation communications and applying cloud-computing concepts to industries that have yet to embrace the software-as-a-service model. http://nyti.ms/cSJAp4