Australian teenager takes blame for Twitter bug

A 17-year-old Australian student owned up to unwittingly causing the massive hacker attack that affected thousands of Twitter users on Tuesday, including White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs.

Pearce Delphin, or @zzap, admitted to exposing a security flaw exploited by hackers to send users to Japanese porn sites by simply mousing over a piece of code. Delphin said he tweeted the code to see if the pop-up function would work correctly, but he never imagined hackers would seize on it the way they did.

"At the time of posting the tweet, I had no idea it was going to take off how it did. I just hadn't even considered it," Delphin said.

Twitter apologized for the security flaw that caused the attacks, now dubbed the "mouseover bug." Experts say the flaw could have been exploited to steal passwords and other user information, but to date Twitter has reported no such attacks. Delphin said the site had known about the bug for months and failed to patch it.

The teen was one of the first people to start using Twitter Down Under in 2006. He is a few weeks away from graduating from high school and plans to study law in college. Twitter has 145 million registered users, who collectively send 90 million tweets everyday.