Bill from Rep. Honda would create office of STEM education

Honda said this bill is a precursor to comprehensive legislation he plans to introduce early next year that will provide a blueprint for improving STEM education nationwide. He noted that in 2006 the federal government spent over $3 billion on 105 STEM programs at 15 different federal agencies without demonstrating any improvement in students' performance.

"Due to a lack of coordination, coherence and cooperation, these investments result in little return," Honda said. "In 2009, according to the NAEP, the average science score for 12th graders was lower than in 1996, and showed no significant change from 2000."

Honda called President Obama's announcement "only the beginning of what is required of us."

"For our nation to remain a leader in scientific advancement and technological innovation, we must strengthen America's schools and provide them with the resources and curriculum they need to succeed," Honda said. "We can afford nothing less. Our future depends on it."