National Broadband Plan does not mention municipal Wi-Fi

That's because such programs have failed, according to Eric Fraser, who has written a new piece on what went wrong with municipal WiFi, cited in Technology Review.

Going back a few years, municipal Wi-Fi looked like it would be central to how people use the Internet, according to Technology Review. The Federal Trade Commission's 2006 report, Municipal Provision of Wireless Internet, "listed WiFi first in its list of major technologies used to provide citywide wireless Internet access," Fraser says.

"Public WiFi was supposed to be a 'wireless fantasy land,'" Fraser writes. "Independent market research firms, expressly claiming to be free of 'a simple 'me-too' mentality,' predicted that citywide Wi-Fi would generate value for 'citizens, government, and local businesses.'"

Technology Review blames policy and not technology for why that never came to pass. Read more here: