First look: New campaign to stress children's privacy

During the event, Common Sense Media will also release the results of its national poll on these issues. The poll found that three out of four parents say social networks are not doing a good job of protecting kids' online privacy.

Meanwhile, 92 percent of parents are concerned that kids share too much information online. About the same percentage said search engines and social networking sites should not be able to share kids' physical location with other companies until parents give authorization.

The “Protect Our Privacy — Protect Our Kids” campaign will include distributing consumer tips, information and videos and developing privacy curricula for teachers.

It has six goals: "do not track kids"; the industry standard for all kids' privacy should be opt-in; privacy statements should be clear and simple; parents, teachers and kids need to be educated about protecting privacy; industry must innovate to protect kids and families; and government needs to update privacy policies for the 21st century.