AT&T buying up ads on Google searches for 'FCC'

What do you get when you Google the term "FCC"?

The AT&T public policy blog.

That just means the company is buying up ads so its message appears on the side of the search page when users Google this term. "Find out what we think of the FCC's Internet regulations," one of the ads reads. 

AT&T is among the top spenders for Google AdWords, according to a document leaked last month. AT&T Mobility spent more than $8 million on search ads in June, timed with the release of the iPhone 4, according to reports. That made AT&T June's top spender for Google AdWords. 

Update: Readers wrote in with other search terms that make ads appear for AT&T's public policy blog. They include "net neutrality" and "Internet regulation." No ads appear for "Julius Genachowski" but perhaps that's on the shopping list.

Also, it seems the FCC is one of the few federal agencies that is earning Google some ad money; ads purchased on agency and department names seem rather rare.