FCC creates fund to close gaps in wireless service

"Operationally, I have a concern as to whether a one-time support mechanism will prove sustainable to provide mobile broadband services in unserved areas, or whether this effort will lead to a future further drain on resources to maintain the expanded infrastructure," Baker said. She also said upgrading consumers to the latest wireless networks is not as crucial as ensuring all areas have some form of service available.

"Upgrading service from 2G to 3G “or better” service in one county may well be worthwhile, but it does not address the challenge facing those counties that have no wireless service at all today," Baker said. "There are few more needy — or visible — consumers than those who live in the unserved areas on mobile providers’ maps."

Commissioner Robert McDowell also raised some questions about the creation of the Mobility Fund, asking how the FCC can ensure it wouldn't lead to an expansion of the USF. However, he also advocated for comprehensive reform of the USF and said he supports the creation of the fund.