Pew: Search for health info largely offline

When people search for information related to their personal health, they usually rely on sources other than the Internet, according to a survey conducted by the Pew Internet Project in association with the California HealthCare Foundation. 

"Most adults' search for health information remains anchored in the offline world," the report said. "Most people turn to a health professional, friend, or family member when they have a health question."

Still, mobile apps have a growing role in helping people find health information, particularly among young people, the report said. 

Seventeen percent of cell phone owners have used their phone to look up health or medical information. That number is at 29 percent for people ages 18 to 29. 

Nine percent of cell phone owners have apps on their phones that help them manage their health; 15 percent of young people do. 

Mobile apps related to health can, for instance, calculate disease risks, provide health tips, keep track of workouts, or count calories.