IG: FBI's Sentinel program still off-track, over budget

"However, regardless of the new development approach, it is important to note that Sentinel’s technical requirements are now 6 years old, and there have been significant advances in technology and changes to the FBI’s work processes during that time," the report states.

In a statement released Wednesday, FBI associate deputy director Thomas Harrington argues the report itself is outdated and fails to take into account the FBI's plans for fixing Sentinel.

“We believe that the interim report does not accurately reflect the FBI’s management of the Sentinel project, and fails to credit the FBI with taking corrective action to keep it on budget," Harrington said.

"Moreover, the interim report comes at a time when the FBI has changed its plan for completing the project, and the Department of Justice has authorized us to go forward with our new approach. The report, however, continues to rely on outdated cost estimates that do not apply to the current FBI plan."

The IG recommends the Bureau prioritize the development of applications and functions that would be most beneficial for agents managing their casework. The Bureau concurred with the recommendation.