FCC chairman told to put on 'man pants'

Public Knowledge legal director Harold Feld has not been shy with his criticism when it comes to Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairman Julius Genachowski.

But before Wednesday he had never told him to wear "man pants." 

Feld writes in a blog post that Genachowski should do more to protect consumers in an ongoing retransmission-consent battle between Fox Networks and Cablevision, which has left around 3 million cable subscribers in the New York area without access to Fox channels. 

In his piece, Feld says that Genachowski should trade in his current pants for "man pants," borrowing a phrase from Christine O'Donnell, the Republican Senate candidate in Delaware.

As for the reaction that has garnered, reform advocate Feld said he has gotten rare praise from certain parts of the telecom industry.

"I'm getting fan mail from the cable guys for the first time," he said.