95 Democratic candidates back net neutrality as 'First Amendment of the Internet'

"Losing net neutrality would stifle free speech, innovation and jobs," said Ann McLane Kuster, Democratic candidate for Congress in New Hampshire's 2nd district. "Especially in the 'Live Free or Die' state, hurting Internet freedom by putting new tollbooths on the Internet is a non-starter. And across the nation, Democratic candidates agree."

PCCC senior online campaigns director Jason Rosenbaum said the pledge is the first time congressional candidates have ever joined together to make net neutrality an election issue. He predicted the announcement would help generate enthusiasm for net-neutrality legislation in the next Congress.

The full pledge is below:

"I believe in protecting Net Neutrality - the First Amendment of the Internet. The open Internet is a vital engine for free speech, economic opportunity, and civic participation in the 21st century. I stand with millions of working families and small businesses against any attempt by big corporations to control the Internet and eliminate the Internet's level playing field. In Congress, I'll fight to protect Net Neutrality for the entire Internet - wired and wireless - and make sure big corporations aren’t allowed to take control of free speech online. Mark me down as a 21st century Internet champion!"